State-of-the-art boxing training system for health & positivity!

Boxing the “Holistic Way” is a philosophy, a training philosophy that’s the perfect embodiment of the art of boxing and functional movement, giving you the best of both worlds for optimal results! 

Let’s face it, regular boxing classes just won’t cut it – we all know that. And that’s why we decided that it’s time for something different, innovative and one-of-a-kind. That’s exactly how our unique approach to classic boxing training came into existence –  so that you may box your way out of stress which we all experience on a daily basis, one way or another.

Boxing the “Holistic Way” is 100% safe and injury-free approach to boxing!

Your boxing classes aren’t supposed to leave you prone to injury, neither are they meant to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable or even threatened. The perfect boxing training has to take place in a friendly environment, with like-minded people, where you can feel safe and sound.

Learn how to box like a pro in safe and injury-free way

  • 1-on-1 personalized approach
  • Highly effective way of teaching boxing techniques
  • Increase physical and mental health
  • Boxing drills designed by a former K1 champion


It’s time for you to personally experience the amazing benefits of classic boxing, taken to a whole new level.

What Are You Getting From Our Unique Boxing The “Holistic Way” Classes?

  • The ideal blend of state-of-the-art boxing techniques and functional movement training
  • Exclusive boxing classes that are meant for everyone - from first timers to advanced
  • Working out in a super friendly and helpful environment
  • Designed to help you release stress


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